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 [Guide] Housing

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PostSubject: [Guide] Housing   Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:27 pm

Guide: Your house

1)Where is Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager)?
2)How to create a house
3)How do you get decorating points?
4)How do I get out of my house?
5)House teleports

1) Where is Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager)?

Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager) is on the top right corner of Alker Harbor

And here he is:

2) How to create a house

Firstly go to Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager).

Double click on him and select [House] Create a house.

Make a name for your house.

Now you have made your house!

3) How do you get decorating points?

Firstly Make a Level 2 character then go to Celerian(Family Manager).
Double click on her and select House Quest and run up to Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager) submit the quest and you will get "Quest reward item: Nursery Set".

(Open it and put it in your house warehouse inside your house ofcourse. This is applicable for same acct. coz if not u have to transfer the nursery set. Make another Level 2 char to make 100 house points.)

Double click on Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager) and click on move to house.

Once in side your house, go to your inventory and drag all of your warehouses to your house storage.

Now click on decorating mode on the top left of the screen

Double click on the warehouse in your house storage and click on the floor where you want to put it. Click arrange [The button doesn't show all the word] to place ot on the floor.

Now you should have 10 next to the P on the top right of the screen. Now do this for the rest of the warehouses in your inventory.

Once you have done all of them click on the P and it should come up with the decoration list. Go to general effect and a list of buffs should come up.

You can spend all your 100 points and they rest set every time the server does [12:00 server time] like your date dungeons.

The best ones to get is 25% exp 2hours, 20% exp one hour and 10% exp one hour. This use up all your points and gives you a 55% exp increase for an hour.

4) How do I get out of my house?
[Just in case you get stuck]

Right click on the door and select out.

5) House teleports

Firstly go up to Alfred J Yarnsworth (House Manager).

Double click on him and select trading.

Buy how many you want of; [H] Return Home Scroll. So now you don't have to walk all the way to Alker Harbor.

Note: This guide is still a working progress, I might put screenshots on it later. Also I hope this helps you.

If you have any extra infomation or want to ask a question about this post below or message me on the forums.
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[Guide] Housing
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